Stacy Berry Art

Stacy Berry Art

Stacy’s parents still have a small sculpture that she made in middle school. It's about 35 years old! Her mother says that she walked into the school one day and was drawn to a particular piece of art in the school's display case.

She read the name and was shocked to see Stacy’s name. LOL!

As she moved into adult life, Stacy would regularly create various craft projects and either use them in her home or give them away as gifts. In 2009 she started a stationery business called Namastationery, a nod to her then recent graduation from yoga teacher training. She created detailed hand-designed greeting cards and journals.

Eventually her yoga career took over and she abandoned art for nearly a decade. 

As the years progressed, Stacy started purchasing art supplies and creating again. Her works were so well received that she started getting requests for commissions.

Online shop opening soon!